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Bisheng Group owns: Hong Kong Bisheng group (international) co., LTD., Bisheng Technology Co., Ltd. of Zhuhai, Zhuhai Vone Technology Co., Ltd., Vone Technology (Macau) Limited, etc. The company concentrates on the IT infrastructure projects, IT specialized technical services, software research and development. It is an experienced company to provide cruise and shipping systems, and also the engineering serving provider certificated by the Guangzhou and Zhuhai government sourcing center. Bisheng Group was established in 2005 with dozens of high-quality, high-capacity and high-educated staff forming into a professional IT team. It employs the modern management method and focuses on the information construction and consists in providing “One stop” service for customers.



The company is active in training IT technical personnel and establishing professional technical teams. They use a wealth of experience and deep industry knowledge to provide customers with one-stop IT infrastructure and IT integrated services, and has become a strategic partner with IBM, Cisco, Sangfor, H3C, SONY, etc,  forming an IT technical service platform in PRD . It is currently one of the most professional and powerful IT companies in southern China;

Hong Kong Bisheng

Committed to cruise information system integration project, the company has undertaken the construction of information technology of several cruises since its establishment, from cruise information consulting and planning to the fundamental project implementation, cruise system development and the hardware and software integration, from initial consultation and evaluation to the future cruise system maintenance, our service is always readily available. The company is China's first high-tech enterprise focusing on cruise information system’s development and implementation, and also the Asia's most prestigious cruise information system integrator.


Zhuhai Vone

Focusing on the platform development of the cruise industry and entertainment industry, the company provide customers with a professional system solutions and a complete, high-quality and fast customized service.  An excellent team, years of experience in the industry, as well as a new and high-end system made Zhuhai ubiquitous an important partner in Macau entertainment industry;


Macau Vone

Focusing on the research and sales in the market of entertainment industry system , the company provide customers with professional hardware and software solution of entertainment industry and a complete, high-quality and fast customized service. It provides comprehensive integrated solutions based on the characteristics of the cruise entertainment industry. An excellent team, years of industry experience, as well as a new high-end system allows ubiquitous become an important partner in Macau entertainment industry;


Exquisite technology, professional process and perfect service is our commitment.


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