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    Why should you choose us?

Bi Sheng specialized IT technical team has many years of experience in the IT infrastructure and technical services,  and undertake IT projects of enterprises from China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore  and other regions. Our company offers mobile technical services. Technical staff can personally come to your address for maintenance services. We attach great importance to the training of technology talented person and purchased enterprise-class networking equipment, set up network experiment rack, simulated enterprise network environment.  We also implement assessment mechanisms to continually improve the technical level of the technical personnel.


 Diversification of the service

      -Planning and consultation service
      -Help desk service
      -IT support and maintenance
      -Computer equipment moving service
      -Equipment maintenance service
      -Office network planning
      -Wireless arrange
      -Data backup


      Our standardized service processes will remove customers’ troubles back home. Our intention is to establish a sound business information system to help enterprises improve IT normative management, to help customer to easily solve various problems in the process of management and operation , thus they can enjoy the business results without worries.

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