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Vone Cruise App New Operation Mode 

 Vone Company creates a new cooperative operation mode: deploy satellite communication system,Cruise App system,professional cruise operation and maintenance service,etc.We provide Cruise App system service for shipowners and passengers to enrich cruise internal application,dig out more passenger shopping potentials and improve passenger experience.All of technical services and cooperative management projects will be provided by us.What you should do is only to choose the most preferable annual service which will allow you to enjoy high-speed satellite network,information system operation&maintenance and Cruise App service.Besides,cooperative management projects will bring you shared profits,improve efficiency of Cruise App,reduce cost,optimize experience and enlarge profit,etc.




Advantage of New Cooperation Mode

  1. Vone Technology Company has been cooperated with multiple satellite suppliers who can provide abundant satellite resources.By analyzing,our technical team provides optimal satellite resources for sailing area to guarantee stability,security and bandwidth of satellite communication;
        2. Shipowner doesn’t need to be responsible for communication reconstructioncost,hardware investment,software investment,satellite communication fee and complex operation & maintenance,etc. And shipowner will spare lots of time and energy to focus on its own core business if Vone Company takes over IT project, as a reliable cruise information service provider;
        3. Shipowner only needs to pay a small amount of service charge and will enjoy operation revenue from Vone Cruise App. Vone will provide satellite network flow traffic which is available for shipowner to use satellite bandwidth and create the utmost profit;
        4. Vone Technology guarantee stability,quality and sufficiency of satellite network.Vone technical team has full responsibility to maintain a stable and high-efficient IT basic environment and application,therefore to improve shipowner’s efficiency,optimize passenger’s experience and promote business performance.Vone will provide Cruise App operation service(net surfing,official movie,phone,legal games,etc) to reduce operation cost and risk.

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