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      Why should you choose us? 

We are familiar with the cruise entertainment system and what it needs for the entertainment industry.  Only when customers are aware of the consciousness of "practice" and "cooperation”, can  the most effective way of achieving high-quality development results come into forth. In the entertainment industry, long-term efficiency and safety management is particularly important.  We can establish a long-term and well-planned management system for our customer to help them operate more smoothly on entertainment management. And we provide planning, consulting, hardware and software support services as well


Results of the experience and ability

With years of experience, we well know what customers want and provide a full set of cruise gaming system. It is applicable to all kinds of games with reporting function, easy to operate and safe to manage, and can be customized for different property.


-Baccarat Roadway System 

-Slot Accounting SystemSAS

-Table Manage System(TMS)

-Cage System 

-Online Game

-Electronic Table Game(ETG)

-VIP Cage 

-Cage CCTV 


We noted that, the perfect entertainment management system should not only have a deep understanding of the industry, but also to make changes to meet market needs. Continuous innovation is our criteria.

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