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      Why should you choose us? 

      With the combination of advanced technology and innovation, as well as the experience constantly gained from the projects in the past, we already have a huge storage of data, practical experience, a mature R&D team, years of experience and a wealth of industrial knowledge. We have completed several projects on the development of cruise ship software systems, the software-developing  company under the flag of whole enterprise is called "ubiquitous technology" which can customize and develop a series of cruises professional software applications.

We provide "one-stop" cruise  services:

      We know well that appropriate systems can manage cruises better while the high-level and effective operation of cruise should be guaranteed with mature planning and implementation of software systems.Therefore,we customize a series of software according to different needs from customers by collecting and analyzing some important information like system target and system structure so as to make customers clear about features of the plan and realize better operation.

Software We Provide

-Cruise Ticketing System(Terminal Booking and Agent Booking System) 

       Our systems provide various ticket booking methods for customers.Individual passengers can book tickets via official site,wechat or agency station while group passengers can book on Agent Booking System. All data will be transferred into background system and dealt with immediately.

      -Cruise Membership Management System

      Membership Management System can automatically generate VIP customers information through data accumulated from background ticket booking system and protect VIP information. Later it makes member cards for customers according to their personal information and totally realizes "One-card solution" by providing customers with services like member card charging,   freezing or reporting the loss.

       -Cruise Consuming Analysis System

       Cruise Consuming Analysis System makes analysis in different dimensions about cruise operating data to forecast consuming trend in the future by comparing historical data and then generates meaningful data graphs for cruise operation.

       -Cruise Boarding Management System 

       Boarding System provides quick boarding service for passengers with function to collect and check passenger info in a short time. In the meanwhile, boarding data will be synchronized to the background system for generating data reports and differential reports. 

       -Cruise Luggage Management System 

       Luggage Management System provides quick luggage checking service for dear customers who can leave their luggage at the luggage counter in advance. The system then will print luggage labels by reading membership card info. Cruise staff are to deliver luggage according to system info at the same time after cruise departure. This kind of seamless data management can guarantee the safety of passenger’s luggage.

       -Cruise Smartcard System 

       Cruise Smart-card System accumulates all data of different members via smart-cards so as to provide reference for cruise consuming analysis,cabin management and membership management.

       -Cruise Crew Management System 

       Crew Management System provides management for crew information protection,assessment,shift arrangement,trend,salary,etc.

       -Cruise Cabin Management System 

       Cabin Management System provides staff with room management, cashier management and report management so as to show real-time room status, send and receive requests, and get consuming data. 

       -Cruise Emergency-response System

       Emergency-response Management System improves the alerting and responding ability and enhance resource allocation efficiency for emergencies so as to realize functions to send real-time emergency information, identify passenger information and carry on emergency-respond plans.

       -Cruise Inventory Management System

       Inventory Management System realizes the management of cruise operating materials by providing functions like supplier management, storage management, purchasing management and report output.

       -Cruise Self-service System 

       Cruise Self-service System provides passengers with services like information distribution,booking service,info searching,online billing,positioning service and making comment via mobile terminals.

       When developing software systems, our developing team first will take system compatibility into consideration before making customized plans. We hope to make data transferred more effectively and promptly on the basis of normal operation.


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