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      Why should you choose us? 

We have a professional IT team, all of whom have got through customs training, and familiar with basic engineering and technical requirements for cruise as well as CCS-related certifications. We act in a strict accordance with classification society requirements in engineering material selection and construction, and share an experience of years on ship systems integration and network information system. Besides, we have already completed several cruise vessels (ships) systems integration and network engineering tasks.

What can we provide to you?

We can provide you with "one-stop" cruise IT technology services, from IT assessment and IT handover between boat and cruises in second-hand cruise transaction , to the regulation, planning, deployment, implementation , maintenance of cruise IT system, the IT infrastructure’s delivery , the deployment and application system integration and so forth.      

      We provide one stop cruise IT services:

-Cruise global cabling project 

-Cruise network system project 
-Cruise wireless coverage project 
-Cruise voice-call system 
-Cruise broadcast system project 
-Cruise CCTV system project 
-Casino CCTV system project 
-Cruise info diffusion system project 
-Cruise remote wireless access and transfer project 
-Cruise UPS system project 
-Cruise internal location system solution.(To search the  location of client and boatman) 
-Cruise ‘one-card ’(smart card)solution (booking –embarkation –consumption - entrance guard system- internal management)
-Cruise network management solution (Satellite network access and management,network refined management, network performance management, network management platform system)
-Cruise network billing solution system (For client self-service surfing)
-Cruise server group solution .(Server group and virtualization ,server disaster recovery,data backup,CDP)

      The professional "one-stop" cruise information integration services that we provide, from consulting and planning to IT infrastructure projects, information system deployment, hardware and software integration, operation and maintenance and technical support services, can offer you professional and proven solutions. And we can promise to customers that we will find the easiest and quickest way to achieve the integrated management of the cruise, and ensure the science, stability and safety of information systems as well.


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