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      Why should you choose us? 

We have reached a consensus on friendship and cooperation with the global satellite network service providers. Consulting with a professional team of IT technology in China, we provide counsel, deploying implementation and technical services to the "one-stop" access of the satellite network systems, and provide services after the access, such as network security access, networking, multi-network load balancing , satellite network management (fine network traffic and behavior management), network billing services (such as customer online billing) and so on. With our years of experience and a wealth of industry knowledge, we deeply understand customers'needs.


What can we provide?

Satellites provide cruise with the only access to network, telephone and television. Thus a right choice of satellite service can ensure the stable and efficient application of cruise application system and is important for customers’ experiences. And, the selection of satellite should be conducted after a professional analysis of several comprehensive data information such as band, mode, satellite coverage, land base station, antenna, network routing, cruises waterway and region, satellite application needs, comprehensive cost, bandwidth and so on . Then, we can come to the most suitable satellite services for this cruise. We offer our customers a detailed review of satellite system solutions, professional analysis of important information about the target and the system structure, select the appropriate satellite system products. Our technical staff will customize an improved implementation of the scheme, set up each step, and make a list of detailed resources, technology and  time required for each step, so that we can provide a service which is more convenient for  customers to use.


     We can provide you with "one-stop"satellite network services:

- Consulting, planning and implement of cruise satellite network
- Cruise satellite network analysis and choose
- Cruise satellite network arrange and serviced
- Cruise satellite network access and management
- Cruise satellite network VPN service
- Cruise satellite network IP Phone service
- Cruise satellite network redundant connection service
- Cruise satellite TV service

The professional "one-stop" cruise information integration services that we provide, from consulting and planning to IT infrastructure projects, information system deployment, hardware and software integration, operation and maintenance and technical support services, can offer you professional and proven solutions. And we can promise to customers that we will find the easiest and quickest way to achieve the integrated management of the cruise, and ensure the scientificity, stability and safety of information systems as well.

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