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Why choose us?

We have experienced IT technical support team members who have accepted training from cruise classification society,customs and immigration inspection.We know well about IT infrastructure requirement,cruise application requirement and strictly apply with cruise classification society requirement to source materials and implement project.Vone has been providing IT infrastructure,integrated system,information system,IT operation&maintenance service and providing transforming service for years and has undertaken transforming projects for several luxurious cruises.And we are honored to have participated in information construction project for building the Chinese Luxurious Cruises.

Cruise Integrated Projects we have undertaken include:

Complete Wiring Layout Project                
Networking System Project                          
Wireless Covering Project                  
Satellite System                                                                                  
Voice Phone Call System                                                                 
Security Surveillance System                                               
Smart Room Integrated Project(applications like smart door lock,light,air-conditioner,TV,etc)
Broadcasting & Background Music Fusion System                                                      
Cellphone Information Covering System                                                                      
Wireless Intercom System
Remote Wireless Transmission Project                                                                
Entertainment Site Advanced Surveillance System                                                        
Specialized UPS Power Supply System Project

AD Domain Control Management                                                                     
Documentary Control System
Internal Network Management System                                                  
Information Leakage Prevention System                                                        
Service Pack Update System

Information Release System

Cruise Internal Mail Management System                                                             

“One-Card”Integrated Solution                                                        
IT Operation Management Solution                                                                
Net Surfing Charge Solution                                                                  
Voice Call Application Solution                                                                    
Cruise Data Centre Redundant Safety Solution 

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