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General Manager Fan Dao obtains member of the 2nd China Cruise Development Expert Committee

The 2nd China Cruise Industry Ceremony&International Cruise Expo(CCS12),which was held on the evening of 6th,November,2017,exposed 36 awarding members of the 2nd China Cruise Development Expert Committee.Altogether 36 experts from “Manufacturing, Education and Research” areas gained this reputed prize .

Picture of 36 prize winners

In 2013, the China Cruise&Yacht Industry Association set up “China Cruise Development Expert Committee” or “China Cruise Expert Committee”. The committee is established with the mission to promote Chinese cruise economy prosperity and improve Chinese cruise industry developing level by focusing on cruise economy development and playing a role as decision maker and consultant.

Mr.Fan Dao

It has been more than three years since the establishment of the 1st China Cruise Development Expert Committee.During this period,the committee plays an active role to improve,promote and lead the development of China’s cruise economy in four aspects: enhance government’s attention to new industry and new policy, speed up local government’s process to make proper policy for cruise development, raise up new concepts and ideas of China cruise development,strengthen communication of cruise industry between home and abroad. 

Mr. Fan Dao, general manager of Zhuhai Vone Technology Co.,Ltd, became member of the 2nd China Cruise Development Expert Committee.This special reputation is the best recognition of Vone’s continuous concentration on IT infrastructure,IT technical service,management software research&development and IT solutions for cruise,ferry and passenger ship.Hereby all staff expressed their sincere congratulations for the manager. Mr. Fan said,“There is still a long way to go but Vone company will continue to work harder for better performance and better service in the future.”

Certificate and awarding ceremony scene picture

Certificate and awarding ceremony scene picture

Certificate and awarding ceremony scene picture

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