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The Oriental Dragon Cruise of Weak Electric Project

The Oriental Dargon cruise is the same as RMS Queen Elizabeth.It full-load displacement is 18455 tons with a length of 171.69 meters.It consists of elite team from China,HongKong,Macau,Taiwan,Singapore, Philippine.


IT network planning and GC project (Molex Cat6)

-Network setting

-The backbone network construction

-Test report of Internet information

-Fire line pipe installation

-Design and plan of IP network system

-Network speed up,VPN access,data synchronization

-Arrange of CCTV system and server

-Arrange of network system,network access



-POS system、Smart Card system 

-Boarding system

-Hotel door security、KTV booking system 


 The Advantages of Steamship Intelligent Project

-Familiar with the design and implementation of the steamship weak current and intelligent system,has experience on the implementation of the steamship weak current and intelligent engineering;

-Familiar with the steamship construction requirements and environment, Familiar with the characters and requirements of the steamship projects.

-Familiar with related certification requirements of classification society, can select materials and devices according to the classification society requirements, Keep good cooperation with the material manufacturers, carry on the construction in strict accordance with the requirements of the classification society.


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