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Bisheng Helped Complete Ocean Grand IT Project


      Nowadays, with the development of information technology, weak current applications become indispensable for cruise's operation because weak current projects can well guarantee the operation of boarding system, reservation management, cruise hotel management, cruise managing system and relevant entertainment system.Those enterprises that hope to save costs without knowing anything about weak current industry,will very probably become the deceived targets of some irresponsible companies.Incalculable loss will occur if engineering materials and equipment are not qualified enough or inferior materials are used.  

      On top of this issue, Bisheng Group has always been strict with itself and its engineers.Each engineer from Bisheng is required to pass training of customs or related departments and be very familiar with engineering requirements at sea. Besides,in order to improve our serving quality,all the relevant staff have their own passports so that they can go to sea at any time.

As for the after-sale services,our company has attached the same importance. With lots of constructing experience and systematic working procedures, our company can definitely get rid of the worries of the customer.

      Bisheng Group has been devoting itself to the the development of network construction in China and kept providing different enterprises with coordinated-process services, which include cruise integrated wiring, cruise satellite internet access and management (the management of network flow control, network behavior and network security, in order to ensure the stability of satellite network, save broadband and make sure the regular operation of the network),cruise internet and satellite phone access, cruise wireless coverage, cruise network monitoring system, cruise hotel guard entrance system, fine network management.We also provide solutions to cruise network application solutions, later technical support and cruise outsourcing services.

      With outstanding expertise confirmed by the classification society, our company has under some weak current projects of several large cruises and has been given good feedback. After the accomplishment of this project, the leader of Ocean Grand said,"Choosing Bisheng Group to undertake this project means choosing a professional team.I am very satisfied with with the whole project.It is perfect."Our company feel proud of this praise and we will continue to work hard to provide better services to our customers.


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